About the collection

“Marthe” originated from my passion for many years for weaving and textile. The result is an exclusive and remarkable collection of handwoven scarves and shawls, and handmade bags and accessories. Each Marthe-piece is unique.

The handwoven shawls often get their final design once on the loom. Dependent on the available materials each piece on the loom has a different finishing. I use as much as possible natural materials as cotton, wool, silk and linen. Furthermore I combine recycled materials and remnant yarns from old stocks, with new materials. This way of working allows me, but also obliges me, to make special combinations of yarns and colors. Every single thread literally passes through my fingers and I like experimenting with different weaving techniques in order to create qualitative and original things.

For the handmade handbags too, I pursuit original and authentic vintage fabrics and haberdashery, or I recycle existing textiles and leather goods. I like to work with authentic vintage materials for their often amazing quality and design, that has nothing to do with so-called new retro-stuff. When working, I like the idea of working with materials that have a history. Next to that, I also create a line of handbags made with my handwoven fabrics.

In my own specific way I bring all these ingredients together and that way old stories are being compiled in new unique objects. Naturally, not only the idea of giving new life to old stuff counts. It’s also about recycling and not throwing away good things.

About me

My name is Roos Pauwels.


After an intensive career in the world of the media and culture, I decided to buckle down on my passion and start my own label. Thanks to specialized education, handweaving has been one of my skills for years. But my interest in textile and everything that has got to do with it, and my addiction to handbags (and shoes), I got from my mother when I was a child.

My creations are the result of lots of self-study and the constant search for original and quality materials. It’s a journey of trying and enthousiasm, being self-demanding and stryving to high-quality work, have belief and spontaneity. I get my creative ideas mostly from inspiring coincidences and the little everyday things of life, and just by getting in contact with beautiful yarns and materials.

Marthe is based in Brussels Belgium.

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